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Posted by Alexander Byers on Mon, Jun 11, 2018 @ 13:06 PM

I haven’t worked for Saint Vincent for very long, but over the past 2 and a half years I was able to capture some pretty fun, interesting and amazing shots. My job as the assistant director of digital media – photographer and videographer –  allows me to photograph landscapes, sporting and campus events, summer theatre, portraits and other photos our marketing team wants and needs.

When I was a student at SVC (class of ’08), I never truly appreciated the beauty of this campus; maybe it was because I was a commuter and never spent a lot of time here. Now that I spend 40 hours a week at this place, I’m able to wonder around the monastery garden or walk through the cemetery in the fall. It’s a unique campus with Romanesque and modern architecture.

If you’re not from the area or plan to visit campus, please explore Saint Vincent during all seasons because it’s absolutely beautiful all year. However, my favorite season is fall, so I’m biased on showcasing those photos…

This is a small collection of my favorite shots at Saint Vincent.

 1) Sebastian’s Garden – Spring1- Sebastians GardenFr. Fred just planted these beautiful flowers so I had to snap a pic.

2) Basilica Spires after a storm
2 Basilica Spires
I had my camera while walking to my truck in lot B and noticed the symmetry.

3) Students in the fall
3 Students Fall 2017-116
A posed shot of students for the marketing team.

4) Steelers Training Camp
4 7-29 Training Camp-16
Antonio Brown has the nicest smile.

5) Cell Biology Lab
Bruce Bethke Cell Biology Lab 2016-26Br. Albert Gahr, O.S.B., teaching students cell biology (photographed with only light from the monitors).

6) Rear view of the monastery and basilica.
6 Behind SVC-Monestary View 2
Just up the road from the SVC lake you’ll find this wonderful view.

7) Jazz hands
7 Bruce Bethke - Biotech Lab 2018-11
Bruce Bethke and his students have fun in the classroom.

8) Campus – Purple flowers
8 Campus (WPNR) 12
In the fall, these purple wildflowers grow at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve.

9) G Wiz
9 2015-11-19 G Wiz 032
The traveling chemist, G Wiz performs magic (chemistry).

10) Summer Theatre – Cole
10 Cole
This actress was performing a song and I loved the expression on her face.

11) Snowy Campus
11 December Snow 2016-30
A squall passed over Latrobe.

12) The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
12 st.john-passion-098
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert in the Basilica.

13) 250 ft
13 2017-5-3 Campus Aerials-56

Our friend John Beavers captured this image with his drone (yes, we had permission from the FAA).

14) Bearcat Swim Meet
14 Swimming 2016-61
The red and yellow water reflections are from the scoreboard and I think add a lot of life to the photo.

15) Football
15 Football 2017-432

A small group from our football team posed for a photo.

16) Wimmer Statue
16 Wimmer Statue 1

Fr. Rene is right; Wimmer is pointing toward the Dairy Queen.

17) Marching Band
17 2015-11-19 Founder's Day 213

After our annual Founders’ Day celebration, March of the Bearcats performs in Melvin Platz.

18) Basilica - Christmas
18 Basilica Inside (Christmas) 3
Our Basilica is decorated for Christmas.

19) Dupré Walkway
19 Students Fall 2017-13
Early morning class change during a sunny, crisp fall day.

20) Walking Path
20 Students Fall 2017-169
Two of our students pose for a photo in front of the Basilica.

21) Through the leaves
21 Basilica 2017-9
I love how the leaves are all different colors and out of focus.

I tried to keep it to 20 images, but 21 will have to do. Like I said, this is only a small collection of the hundreds of thousands of photos I’ve taken for Saint Vincent. I hope you enjoyed these!
Alexander Byers

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