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Moving Across the Country: Part I

Posted by Allyson Lambert on Tue, Sep 2, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

Hello from Pittsburgh!

I'm here for a week on business and thought I'd stop in to say hello. It's hard to believe it's already been four months since I moved across the country on my own.

Before I jump into sharing what I've been up to out here, I thought I would back-track a bit and talk about my relocation to Nevada. It was such a fun and exciting experience that I wanted to share with all of you!

Side note: If you're interested in relocating for a job after college, talk with the Career Center at Saint Vincent College. Many companies will pay most or all of your relocation expenses. In my case, my entire relocation was taken care of by PPG. Keep in mind if you're planning to move on your own it will take additional planning and costs not covered in this post.

Alright, so let's start from the beginning...

Relocation from PA to Nevada

When I first applied to the FLD position I had no idea where I would end up moving (good thing I love surprises, right?). Taking a leap of faith, I went ahead and sent in my resume and cover letter. Later that week I had a phone interview, where my recruiter told me I had two choices of location for my first assignment: Huron, Ohio or Reno, Nevada.

I remember not sleeping very well that night. Nevada? What? It seemed like a very random place to move. However, I was longing for an adventure and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to travel, start my career, and gain new experiences in a new city. 

                       “Do one thing every day that scares you.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Was I afraid? Of course! However, my fear quickly turned to excitement. Often times we let fear hold us back when in reality we should embrace it. It's okay to admit that you're afraid, nervous or anxious about making major life changes. Graduating college poses tons of these "I AM FREAKING OUT" moments. Luckily, both Saint Vincent and the FLD program provided the support and push I needed to make the cross-country move. Honestly, I could not have done it on my own with out them backing me up. 

While I started planning my move to Nevada, Josh Riggle, who also graduated in December with me, took the other FLD position in Huron, Ohio (Hi, Josh!). 

Cake: Always a good motivator Cake: always a good motivator! 

Soon after I accepted my offer, I was assigned a moving counselor to help coordinate all aspects of my relocation. My counselor helped with everything from securing an apartment and setting move dates to ensuring everything arrived smoothly. 

A few weeks before officially moving, the moving company sent me on an apartment-hunting trip. Keep in mind this was my first time traveling alone. It took me about a month before I worked up the courage to book the plane tickets. Literally, I tried to come up with every excuse of why I could not possibly take this trip alone. But you know what? I did it. And I loved it! It was such a fun and memorable trip. I really encourage traveling alone if you get the chance. Since this trip I have flown across the country eight times, something I never thought I would do alone. 

Looking out the plane window as I flew over Reno was the first time I saw my new home! It looked just like Google Maps from up there... 

Nevada from the plane

 "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." ~ T. S. Eliot

At Saint Vincent I lived in a dorm all four years and really enjoyed the experience of living in close proximity to my classes, friends and campus activities. Moving into an apartment meant starting a whole new life; however, I wanted to keep some of the things that I loved about my life on campus. With this in mind, I searched for a place on the out-skirts of town that had a small community feel with a few trees and grass thrown in to add a touch of home to the dry desert climate. 

During my trip I spent my mornings at the hotel researching apartments and setting up appointments. The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly-- it made my stay in Reno so fun. 

Apartment Hunting

In between appointments I explored the town, tried new restaurants and chatted with locals. 

On the very last day of my stay, I signed a lease for my dream apartment with a beautiful mountain view. Although difficult to leave my home at Saint Vincent, this visit left me excited to return in a few short weeks. Overall, the week served as a nice little test-run for my new life. 


Stay tuned for part II, where I'll talk about the final move! 

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