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Cliques on Campus?

Posted by Nicole Sierra Wilson on Thu, Feb 4, 2016 @ 10:02 AM
In movies, there are always different groups of cliques that are portrayed. In most cases, there would be the jocks, the nerds, the cheerleaders, the preps, the Goths or even the foreign exchange students all sitting together excluding anyone who doesn't fit the criteria of the group. These same types of cliques can often be seen in high school cafeterias. 
One of the things I thought of when coming to college, was if there was going to be the same type of cliques. I'm in my sophomore year here and I haven't noticed any form of a clique. Besides seeing teammates hanging out or eating dinner together in the caf (one of our dining areas here), there's always a mix of people together! Every time I go to the caf, I see different kinds of friends enjoying each other's company. I think, one of the best parts about SVC is the fact that we can all be super different, but we can still learn from each other. 
They say that college is always going to be different than high school. Yes, the work is harder and yes, the atmosphere is very different. But for me, I thought I would always be with people who are the same as me. Whether it was being with people who acted the same way I did or being with people who enjoyed doing the same things I do, I just always assumed that was the way it was going to be and those are the types of people who I would always be with. In some cases, I find myself being with people who are the total opposite of me and I love it. 
At SVC, it doesn't matter if you're super athletic, love chess, act in musicals or like to sew, there's always going to be a place for you. 


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