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Everything is “Falling” into Place

Posted by Sara Krug on Fri, Oct 18, 2013 @ 10:10 AM

"Sometimes it's the small things that count"

Melvin Platz at Saint Vincent College

I often wonder what it would be like to have gone to a larger school, but I know now that I never would have attained the experiences and atmosphere that I cherish every day here at Saint Vincent College. There is so much beauty and simplicity that surrounds the campus and everywhere I go, a feeling of peace and tranquility fills the air. Luckily, my transition from high school to college was an easy one because Saint Vincent feels like an extension of home.

When I was recently home for fall break, I visited my high school art teacher so that I could frame a drawing that I created in a class last semester. It was definitely strange being in the art room with younger students as they went about their regular school day routine, and I couldn’t believe that it had already been 3 years since I graduated from there. However, being in that art room again was a great feeling because that was the one space that I always felt comfortable and the most happy. A part of me is literally still there because a ceiling tile that I painted my senior year still hovers over the room.

When I started college, I felt that part of me was missing because I focused on other areas of study and did not have the time to focus on art. Then, I realized that I could take what I loved and turn it into something meaningful.  Last semester, I had my first drawing class on campus and being in the art room changed something inside of me that I could not ignore. Since then, I declared graphic design as my second major and I am able to take a variety of different art classes. I feel that I am back to that place where I feel complete because I can finally let my creativity shine through and be the person I want to be.  

This semester has been the most fulfilling for me because every class involves art in some way, shape or form. My classes currently include: Art History, Chemistry of Art, Printmaking, Black and White Photography, Stained Glass, and Electronic Media. All of these classes have been so rewarding, but the one that I am most enthusiastic about is Stained Glass. I decided to take the class as an elective, even though I already have a heavy course load and do not need it to graduate. It has always been something that I wanted to do, so I just took a leap into the dark and registered for the course. I am very happy about my decision and have accomplished more than I even could have imagined. In less than a month, I was able to create this masterpiece (with the help of Br. Mark Floreanini, of course)!

Stained Glass Window by Sara Krug

My advice to any current student or perspective students is that yes, obtaining a job after college is very important, but your education is not going to mean much if you don’t explore it to the fullest, engage in every opportunity, and do what you truly love.

It was nice going home for fall break and visiting my family, but it is hard to believe that half of the fall semester is already over. I definitely feel that this semester has been my busiest, especially with working 2 jobs and taking 19 credits. However, I seem to keep telling people that “it’s a busy semester, but in a good way.” I am learning so much about myself and my career this year and, in less than 2 months, I have gained so much knowledge that will only continue to benefit me in the future. I am starting to feel the pressure of having 2 majors, but I know that it is all worth it because I finally feel like everything is falling into place.

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