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Katrina Nemchik

Katrina (Katie) Nemchik is a junior computer science and philosophy major at Saint Vincent. Interested in photography, art and graphic design, Katrina over-schedules herself with various work study positions on campus to explore the art career her family has tried so hard to prevent. A fan of the stories and lessons of Humans of New York, she is very excited and looking forward to contributing to Humans of SVC. She once listened to all nine Led Zeppelin albums in one sitting.

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Speaking for the Oppressed Victims of a Silent Culture

Posted by Katrina Nemchik on Mon, May 15, 2017 @ 09:05 AM

When you want to save the world but are not sure where to start, a good question to begin with is “what makes people sad?”  I'm not sure how it started in my case, but it led me to write my senior thesis on female genital mutilation. Nothing about this is happy. The practice is ethically reprehensible and rather uncomfortable to talk about, which made it the perfect topic for a philosophy paper. My argument against any cultural justification for the practice is supported by the capabilities approach, a theoretical framework which affirms that anything that hinders basic human capabilities is morally evil.

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