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Katrina Nemchik

Katrina (Katie) Nemchik is a junior computer science and philosophy major at Saint Vincent. Interested in photography, art and graphic design, Katrina over-schedules herself with various work study positions on campus to explore the art career her family has tried so hard to prevent. A fan of the stories and lessons of Humans of New York, she is very excited and looking forward to contributing to Humans of SVC. She once listened to all nine Led Zeppelin albums in one sitting.

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Katie Nemchik, Pokemon Trainer

Posted by Katrina Nemchik on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 @ 09:00 AM


“Since Pokemon Go came out, working for the Saint Vincent College marketing department has never been more fun!”

-Katie Nemchik

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Tim Oxenreiter

Posted by Katrina Nemchik on Wed, May 04, 2016 @ 10:00 AM


“Last year my buddies and I had an apartment in Rooney facing the walkway to the Carey Center. We created this game and the concept of it was to embarrass each other in front of fellow classmates. Whenever we would see a friend walking on the path back from class, we would scream ridiculous stuff out of our window in an effort to embarrass them. I'll never forget one day I was walking back from class minding my business, until I heard my roommate Brendan shout out ‘Hey Tim, how’s that rash?!’ My face instantly got beet red as I turned around and saw a bunch of students smiling walking behind me on the path. I didn't think I could get more embarrassed ... but I did as he relentlessly kept screaming, ‘Did you pick up that cream yet? I'm sure it will work, man!’ That may have been the longest walk back to Rooney of my life, but every time I think about it, I can’t help but smile. As strange as it sounds, those are the moments I will miss the most.”

-Tim Oxenreiter

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Kayla Shaffer

Posted by Katrina Nemchik on Tue, Apr 12, 2016 @ 03:56 PM


“In times of stress, or when I just need general advice, I tend to turn to Dr. Serapiglia. I'd like to think it's because he’s so approachable and always has something to say.

The past few times I've frequented his office, he’s gone on about his expanse of bamboo. He says that now that the stand has been razed the stumps are random heights and are difficult to walk on ... not that I’m sure that he, or anyone, really, should go frolicking about through a patch of bamboo stumps. He tells me that he’s since been trying to find things to do with the leftover stalks other than setting pieces on fire, or using them for tomato stakes and various crafts.

You know, it’s strange, but I find it very therapeutic for some reason, listening to Serapiglia’s crazy bamboo antics. It keeps me grounded and helps me get out of my own head for awhile.”

-Kayla Shaffer 

Topics: Humans of SVC, Katrina Nemchik, Dr. Serapiglia, bamboo, Kayla Shaffer

Dr. Anthony Serapiglia

Posted by Katrina Nemchik on Wed, Mar 23, 2016 @ 04:00 PM


“I never thought I would own a machete, let alone a couple, and also use them regularly. I have lived in western Pennsylvania most of my life and have not had to confront any issues related to the wild growth of bamboo in my life until now. Four years ago I moved to be closer to SVC. Found a wonderful old house on a nice plot of two acres with plenty of uniqueness … including a 40-yard stretch of bamboo that had been planted by a previous owner who was a native Hawaiian. It’s cool. It’s unique. It’s actually evergreen through the winter too … but it’s also invasive and has about a three year life cycle. So now I am confronted with how to maintain this stand of bamboo that has literally a couple thousand standing dead stalks at this point. Not as easy as it looks or sounds. By the way, a nice little party trick is to cut a little section and throw it in a camp fire. Each section is air tight, so it steams up and ... BANG ... explodes like a shotgun going off! Try it sometime if you have bamboo available campfire side … and if you don’t, I know where you can get some.”

-Dr. Anthony Serapiglia


Topics: Humans of SVC, Katrina Nemchik, Dr. Anthony Serapiglia, machete, bamboo

Michael DeSantis

Posted by Katrina Nemchik on Fri, Mar 11, 2016 @ 12:00 PM


“It was a really boring Friday night and we are sitting there, actually I am sitting there. There’s no we involved because I have no friends and I am bored out of my mind. So l look in my closet and I take the double-stuffed Oreos my mom bought me and I look at them and think, all right, let’s chow down on a few of these bad boys. So I grab an Oreo and I’m like - I love Oreos let’s make a quadruple-stuffed Oreo and I’m like wow this looks good, let's keep going and I took some more. I got to half a box of Oreos; I then have sixteen double-stuffed Oreos. And then I was like all right go big or go home. I take the rest of the box of Oreos and made one big thirty-two-stuffed Oreo. I went around and I showed everyone it, I put it on my Snapchat story and I made sure everyone knew what was happening. I then ate it, and to be honest it was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had in my life.”

 -Michael DeSantis

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