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Humans of SVC

Maria Dellera

Posted by Cristy Marsh on Fri, Mar 24, 2017 @ 11:15 AM
maria-dellera-humans-of-SVC.jpgSaint Vincent College provides an environment that makes me excel in all aspects of my life, not just academically. The people here inspire me to be a better me because of their positive energy, as well as the kindness everyone on campus exudes. The professors help me to excel beyond my expectations. In addition, we have the technology and materials that help me to be more creative and explore different mediums. I am so thankful that I chose to go to SVC. The school embodies the same things I do: faith, people, academics and kindness.

Class of 2018

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William Gonsowski

Posted by Thomas Fitzsimmons on Tue, Mar 21, 2017 @ 01:55 PM
William-Gonsowski-Humans-of-SVC.jpgDuring my senior year of high school I felt that the primary need that had to be addressed in my college decision was furthering my cross country and track career. The proud tradition of the Saint Vincent team and the personal characters of the coaches and runners were primary factors in my decision. However, life does not always go as planned. Injuries and other factors have prevented my collegiate running career from reaching the potential I hoped for in high school. I am not bitter about this because I am fortunate to have found a home in SVC despite my decision being made on a program I am no longer a part of. The student body is warm and embracing. The faculty is passionate and cares about the individual achievement of the students. The culture of SVC is unlike anything I have ever experienced, and I am grateful for all of the relationships that I have developed in my time here.

Class of 2019 - double major in political science and communication

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Marion Emerson

Posted by Cristy Marsh on Thu, Mar 16, 2017 @ 02:26 PM
Humans-of-SVC-Marion-Emerson.jpgStudying abroad has taught me to appreciate the world that I live in. The world is so big, and we have the opportunity to dwell, enjoy, and explore everything it has to offer us. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to study abroad twice as a student of Saint Vincent College. Through both of my international traveling experiences (Mexico and Iceland) I have been blessed to gaze upon some of the beautiful wonders that God has placed in the world. I will be forever grateful to the people who helped and encouraged me to study aboard. Life is too short to limit ourselves, we deserve to be happy.

Russell Clark

Posted by Cindy Hoffman on Mon, Feb 27, 2017 @ 02:29 PM

 Russell-Clark-Humans.jpgI'm Russell Clark, a communication major, class of 2019.  I’m actively involved in the Bearcat B.E.S.T. program. I got involved in the program by chance fall semester when I was looking for a work-study position. I work with the Bearcats every day and it is one the most rewarding and greatest things I have ever done in life. I am a job coach Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday I am a teaching aide. One of the greatest joys I get from working with the Bearcat B.E.S.T students is funny stories and things they share with me. They always find a way to make me smile.

Shawn Burick

Posted by Alexander Byers on Mon, Feb 13, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Shawn Burick copy.jpg

“I gave 110% to the military and now I give 110% to my studies at Saint Vincent College. Please know that I have shown you my communications commitment to excellence.”
-Shawn Burick, communication major and 25-year U.S. Army combat veteran, during a presentation detailing his work with communication equipment on deployment. Shawn’s assignments took him around the world from the U.S. to combat missions in Korea, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq.

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Lou Tate

Posted by Thomas Fitzsimmons on Thu, Feb 09, 2017 @ 10:00 AM
“I’ve always had this dream to travel and explore the history of my faith. Saint Vincent has provided me the opportunity to go above and beyond those dreams, and make them a reality. I wasn’t really sure what to expect upon entering the Vatican, but when I went in, I was lost for words. Having Mass with the Pope, seeing thousands of people from all over the world in the same place and giving praise to God was more powerful than anything I could possibly imagine. This experience gave me so much reassurance that this world will never lose its faith in Jesus Christ.” 
-Lou Tate, junior, business management major

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Olivia Cerniglia

Posted by Cristy Marsh on Tue, Jan 24, 2017 @ 12:00 PM


“As a little girl, I would attend Steelers Training Camp every summer with my family. It became a family tradition that I looked forward to as July transitioned to August. My family would ask me if I could see myself attending Saint Vincent College to pursue an education someday, and I had not given it much thought until it was time to make a game-time decision. I have always been a city girl at heart, but visited a number of large state institutions and smaller private colleges. The last school I decided to visit was Saint Vincent, and I knew in my heart that the search for a school was over. Well, that someday turned into today, where I have never questioned that game-time decision. If somebody had told that little girl that she would attend Saint Vincent when she grew up, she probably would not have believed it ... and now she could not be happier to be a Bearcat.”

-Olivia Cerniglia, C'19 

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Luke Good

Posted by Cristy Marsh on Fri, Nov 18, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

“Picking a college out of a hat isn’t necessarily ideal. I was really indecisive about where I wanted to go for the next four years. During high school, I always thought I would attend the usual, Pitt or Penn State. I ended up falling in love with another school, but when the tuition was too expensive, I had to quickly pick another school. Eventually, I decided to pick out of a hat. I pulled SVC, but didn’t want to go there, so I threw it back in. I then reshuffled and picked SVC again. I’m fortunate that God put me here at Saint Vincent. The opportunities I have been exposed to have been so fulfilling and worthwhile. I wouldn’t trade my years here for anything!”
-Luke Good, C’18, Marketing Major

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Del Bredniak

Posted by Cristy Marsh on Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 12:00 PM


“I have three passions in life; spikeball, Walt Disney World and making people smile! What I love about Saint Vincent is that it has helped me grow these passions on a day-to-day basis. I never heard of spikeball until I came here; I am now the club president and host tournaments every semester! My dream job is to work for Walt Disney World on their PR team. SVC has set me on the right path to make my dream a reality. I love putting a smile on every person’s face that I talk to. It makes me feel better about myself when I can make others smile. Thanks SVC for making it easy for me!”

-Del Bredniak, Communication Major '18

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Tammy Marsh

Posted by Cristy Marsh on Mon, Nov 14, 2016 @ 04:00 PM

Tammy -1.jpg 

”What are your possibilities once you become part of the Saint Vincent College family? I began my SVC career 12 years ago part-time in the Welcome Booth on the 3-11 p.m. shift, then I became full-time in the Facilities Management Office. From there I went to the Registrar’s office as a secretary and finally for the last five years, I have been the administrative assistant to the dean of the Herbert W. Boyer School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computing. I love the community of Saint Vincent College; being that I have worked in several different areas, I have made a lot of friendships throughout the college. My daughters have grown up coming to SVC events and all three started their college education at SVC their senior year of high school. I like to say: You can go anywhere from Saint Vincent College.”

-Tammy Marsh, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Herbert W. Boyer School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computing

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