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May - A Time of Reflection

Posted by Megan DePrimio on Mon, May 15, 2017 @ 13:05 PM
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I hope it is safe to say that we can officially say hello to spring (thank goodness it arrived)! As the Class of 2017 already is well aware, this month not only brings about nicer weather, but also great change – indeed, an interesting smorgasbord of both excitement and sadness.

Whether you are looking forward to entering the “real world” or not, this time of your life can seem pretty tumultuous. As someone who both succeeded and failed with this change in various aspects, I share parts of my experiences here in the hopes of easing any potential anxieties or fears.

  • Reflect on and enjoy the moment!
    • I have noticed that a lot of time is spent eagerly counting down for the next step to arrive, which can be detrimental to soaking up the potential present opportunities. I am not saying avoid looking ahead to the future; but rather, try to savor each and every special moment because it will be a memory before you know it!
  • Is it OK to be nervous about the future?
    • If you are someone who is a little more cautious when approaching future plans, try to rest a little easier, because I truly believe things happen for a reason. Something adulthood definitely gives you practice with is making big decisions. So attempt to not agonize (I know, easier said than done), and you will have less stress in your life.
  • Moving away can be liberating, but difficult.
    • In my personal experience, moving away taught me that I am a homebody. So while that made my transition challenging at first, it turned out to be a great life decision. Plus, I know now for sure that my family is a non-negotiable as they are very important to me. Overall, you may think you are self-aware in college, but boy, there is so much more to learn!
  • Don’t forget the people who played a role in your journey.
    • So I am a snail mail card person, but I understand that I am in the minority here. For this bullet point what I am saying is, do what you have to in order to stay in contact with people. It might be harder as the years go on to see each other, but if you have a firm base built, those friendships will never fade.
  • “Be gentle with yourself.”
    • Sort of an interesting phrase when a friend first told me this, but it truly is great advice. We are generally our harshest critics, and depending on the severity, that can hurt us over time. So remember, you are learning and you are not alone. Mistakes remind us that we are human, and there is nothing wrong with that.

People will move to all kinds of locations, cars will break down, friends will get married, jobs will be busy, parents will get older, you will also age AND become wiser, and the future possibilities are endless. Regardless of your field, there will be many triumphs and trials, but you will persevere through it all (even when you think you might not). I hope this post has served as an adequate preview of the life of an adult – welcome to the club!

P.S. Don't forget the wisdom of Boniface: “Forward, always forward, everywhere forward.”

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